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A dark tale with an explosive end.

Sailor Jerry just wanted to enjoy a sandwich on the open ocean but he forgot there is always a bigger fish. How unfortunate for him that those sharp teeth are the least of his worries. 

Belly is a puppet film; written, designed, fabricated, shot and edited entirely in 48 hours for the 2020 LA Puppetry Guild's 48 Hour Puppet Film Project.

Honorable mention


Does love bloom eternal or do you need to shoot off after every new bud you see?


This one minute short film uses plant based puppetry to show what love means for the least assuming of our house mates. Created for the Raindance Film Festivals #lockdownlover 60 second film challenge. We used our own green lockdown companions to make a film about love loss and the kind of flings that have been impossible during the pandemic. We hope you share our love for our saucy and fertile friends!

Sanctuary in Creativity

Inspired by stories supplied by the lovely Beverley community, Sanctuary in Creativity takes you on a fantasy journey through memory.

Sanctuary in Creativity made by the 'House of Funny Noises' in collaboration with the people of Beverley was made for the Beverley Puppet Festival 2021.

Slingjaw Wrasse

Dive into a world of unique animal adaptation as we explore the lengths some fish will go to for a bite to eat. 

Based on the research of Dr. Mark W. Westneat, Slingjaw is a short science film that uses puppetry to explain how a little unassuming reef fish has evolved to use a complex bio-mechanism to catch fish. 


Just what are those early birds after? Come get your hands dirty with us as we dig into our community garden to find out. 

Worm is a short puppet film made for Take Art's 1 minute theater festival, aimed at celebrating socially distanced art in Somerset UK. The puppets were made at a  puppet play day early in the 2020 quarantine.  

Filmed in the Cliftonwood Community Garden.

Queen Takes Bishop

Shhh whats that Noise?

Queen Takes Bishop is a puppet spoof of that iconic scene from Aliens. Brought to you by the 'House of Funny Noises', made for The Seabeast Puppet Theatre's Puppet melt down as part of a bigger collaboration. Queen Takes Bishop is equal parts funny and disgusting!


… It's Coming! 

From the depths of an isolated city emerges a monster of unknown purpose, what does it want? Why is it here? Can Bristol survive the arrival of something so big? 

Watch the Trailer for the very first Bristol 48 Hour Puppet Film Challenge August 2020 

Trailer by the House of Funny Noises

Shot at Puppet Place Bristol and based on iconic Bristol landmarks.


A Puppet Film Of Gross Proportions! 

SNOT is the story of a poor delusional chap stuck in bed with a runny nose. With no hope of going out the only option for Egbert is bed, but after lights out strange things start happening in their snotty tissue filled bin. 

Winner of Best Puppetry 

Winner of Scariest Film 


Pest is a short witty puppet film about the consequences of being a Pest by the Bristol based 'House of Funny Noises'.


All puppet builds, filming and editing was done with in 48hrs for the 2021 LA Guild of Puppetry's 48r Puppet Film Projects,


...A new monster rises!


It's that time again, Brizzol invites you to the 2021 Bristol 48hr Puppet film Challenge so snap to it for more amazing filmed puppet fun!

Trailer made for the second Bristol 48hr Puppet film Challenge by 'House of Funny Noises' shot in the river Avon.   

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